Who is Bouke?

I am Bouke Lolkema. Travel and nature, preferably combined, are my passion. I cannot imagine something better, than hiking through rough nature, wherever in the world, and become one with nature. I love enjoying landscapes, seeing animals, hearing sounds, smelling scents and experience the weather. Every time I feel fortunate, see this as a gift, a unique feeling to experience this. I would like to share this feeling with others.

I see my own personal development also as an adventure and my own development has guided me to the point that I have chosen to do what really fits me and gives me energy: coaching other people in order to give them the little extra push in their own personal development ánd guiding people to special and amazing spots in nature, to wildlife and into the mountains. Even better: a combination of this all!

By looking for the true connection with other people, I can share my knowledge, experience and insights from my heart. Doing so, I can be a 'guide' on many aspects.

I feel very fortunate that I have been able to experience some adventurous journeys to Nepal, Greenland, Spitsbergen, South-Africa, Namibia, Tanzania, Norway, Bhutan and other countries. I have been travelling to Nepal for over 17 years on a yearly basis. Due to my own experience, I think I know the country very well. Through all these years, spending my time in Nepal, I have experienced numerous adventures, during trekkings and expeditions and during spotting Wildlife in the National Parks. I can passionately tell stories about this for hours ;-)

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