Bardia National Park in Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful, mystic country with astonishing nature. From lowlands on sea level, to the highest mountain in the world. Travelling to Nepal is always an adventure! It does not matter, how you cross the country, Nepal offers an incredibly diverse array of things to do and things to see.

Lolkema Adventures offers you adventures in the mountains, suchlike trekkings and expeditions, but that is not all we do. One of our specialties, is spotting Wildlife in the national parks of Nepal such as Bardia. This is the largest national park and Wildlife area in the Terai, the lowlands of Nepal, and offers excellent Wildlife-watching opportunities.

In Bardia National Park your chances are very high, to spot the Bengal Tiger. Just like spotting an Indian RhinoIndian Elephant and Pythons. You will be almost certain to spot different species of deer (spotted deerhog deerbarking deersambar deer and swamp deer), rhesus macaque and langur monkeys. The park is home to magnificant animals such as leopards, wild dogs, jackals, and several smaller felines and other mammals. There are plenty of those, but of course very difficult to spot, so luck needs to be on your side! Besides the 'regular' mugger, one might see the rare gharialOtters are to be seen too. The extremely rare, and critically endangered fresh water Gangetic Dolphin, swims in the Karnali river, but you must be very lucky to spot one and you will probably only see the dorsal fin. 

It is truly a birdwatchers paradise. More than 400 different species have been recorded in Bardia, including very rare and special species, such as the Brown Fish Owl and the Great Hornbill.

Our tours will be accompanied by local guides. With their knowledge and experience, we will look for traces, listen to the calls of birds, monkeys and deer. We will follow our noses and smell and scan the areas, making the chance of spotting animals and birds very high!

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A Wildlife adventure in Bardia National Park can be perfectly combined with a trekking in the mountains. You will not only witness breathtaking views in the amazing landscapes, but you will also be surprised by the Wildlife population in the mountains!

A review by the wildlife and travel photographer Alberto Carrera