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Lolkema Adventures Tiger Bardia National Park Nepal

What is on your wish list to photograph? Is it a tiger crossing a small river? Or is it a cute, running baby rhino? Or maybe you are dreaming about a herd of deer in the light of the sunset? Or fishing otters? Or a very special bird? It does not matter, what it might be: in Bardia National Park we will search for it. We will do, whatever is in our power, to spot them. Due to the experience and practice of the local guides, it will be very likely, that we will find them. But not just that, during our journey we will see many other animals and birds!

During our adventure, we will go into the jungle of Bardia National Park with a small 4x4 vehicle. We will regularly leave the vehicle, to go by foot through the jungle, to a sheltered viewpoint. There we will be hidden and surrounded by nature. In this approach, adventure gets an extra dimension, as you will be face-to-face with rhino's, tigers and all the other animals in this jungle. You will spot and photograph the animals and birds in their natural habitat. This is a totally different way, in spotting and photographing animals, than to see them only when they cross a road or even worse, in front of a vehicle.

Besides Bardia National Park, one can also spot and photograph Wildlife in the mountains. Wildlife photography in the Nepali mountains is an adventure on its own. In the massive and rugged Himalaya's, the circumstances are challenging and therefor, the animals are much more difficult to spot. It takes a longer, adventurous expedition, imagine yourself hiking in the mountains, to reach your destination. On the way, we will be able to photograph stunning and extremely beautiful landscapes. This part of the world is not being discovered by mass tourism, so enjoy the peacefulness. When walking the ancient paths, we will be passing mystical villages, where the spirit of nature and religion can be felt.

Lolkema Adventures will make all the necessary arrangements for you. Your only focus will be spotting Wildlife, taking pictures and enjoy the journey of your life!


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Lolkema Adventures Wildlife Photography Bardia National Park Alberto Carrera