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“I think I’m quite ready for another adventure”

Bilbo Baggins



My own idea, my own dream.......

"I read nice, impressive stories and adventures on this website, but I have not found my adventure quit yet!"

"Looking for an amazing mountain trip or hiking adventure, I am able to find a lot of possibilities elsewhere, but not exactly what I am looking for!"

"I am not looking for an average trekking. My preference is a tailor-made trip, focused on my own wishes, ideas and capacities! I want to have a Western guide, who understands my demands and will take care of all organizational elements. And last but not least, somebody who will support me during the trip."

"I don't want a one in a dozen Wildlife trip, but making my own dreams, about a Wildlife adventure come true!

Do you recognize yourselves in one of these sentences? Do not hesitate to contact Lolkema Adventures and let your adventure start!


Lolkema Adventures Top Nepal


Discover yourself and reach the "top"!!

Do you see yourself as ambitious? Do you want to achieve the utmost and get as much as possible out of yourself? Or are you somebody, who wants to explore his own limits? Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone? Are you willing to grow in your personal development?

Join me! Let’s to go to the top of the Kilimanjaro! Accompany me, on a hiking tour to mountain cabins in the rugged mountains in Norway or.......? What a thrill to get acquainted with the physical efforts, to experience your own limits in these beautiful mountains. On your way to the top, you will enjoy the conversations and they will give you awareness. Be open to change! It will help you to discover and experience the 'top' in yourself.

Experience is not required, an adventurous nature is!


Seeing the top of the world after a major corporate performance?

Are you a manager or a company owner? Do you grant your employee(s) something extra? Did they closed a superb deal? Or have they scored an all-time high sales revenue? Maybe there is another exceptional performance you would like to reward. Why not let them experience the real 'top of the world'? Reward them, with a short adventure to Nepal to see the Mount Everest! A tailor-made journey to fit the wishes and needs of your company. Give them this opportunity, and afterwards they will be even more motivated to score even better results!


Always tailor-made! An adventure will never be standard, it will always be focused to what you are looking for. Got enthusiastic? Please visit Tailor-made! to learn how to make your idea into your adventure.