Tailor-made or standard?

The adventure will already start during the preparations. Based on our years of experience we will arrange your trip, your adventure. It will take place in cooperation with you. Tailor-made!

You are an individual, with your own needs, so why should your adventure fit into a standard holiday trip? May be it does, but that is what we will have to discuss together. Our starting point will be, what is on your wish list, what are the goals of your trip!

Whether you want to spot a tiger. Or if you want a hiking adventure in the mountains. Or if are you ready to develop yourself. No matter what you are longing for; we will compose a trip tailored to you. It will be your adventure!  Together we will discuss the content of your trip, means of transportation, the duration, accommodation and who is going to join us. Your enthusiasm, will be fueled by my passionately told stories of my own adventures.

All travel logistics will be arranged by Lolkema Adventures, together with our partners.

Once travelling, the adventure really starts! We will try to spot the animals of which you want to take the award winning picture! Or you are going to explore your personal path in life.

An adventure will never be standard, it will always be focused to what you are looking for. Got enthusiastic?

Yes, I want to know more!

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